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Reminder: During the epidemic, the departure time of the airport express will be adjusted. It is recommended that the actual situation prevails on the day of travel, or call the airport express hotline 4008308688 according to the route taken.


Airport Express Line No.5

Baiyun Airport <---> Gangrun Hotel

Departure Time

Gangrun Hotel



 mins Approximately.

Baiyun Airport

7:00-End of flight


From Baiyun Airport

T2 - T1 Zone A - T1 Zone B - Suijing Building (CNY 18) — Dong Fang Hotel (CNY 20) - Haizhu Square (CNY 24) - Gangrun Hotel (CNY 24)


★ From Baiyun Airport to Dong Fang Hotel (drop off at the east gate of China Hotel).

The night bus stars at 21:00, and the destination will be changed to Haizhu Square.